Toys for Kids VT by Rory

Do the holidays make you want to share?

There are some kids who won’t receive any gifts under their tree!

If you’re feeling generous and you want to make this holiday fun for everyone, then you should make a stop at any CSSU school and drop off a toy for kids around Chittenden County. They won’t be delighted by their favorite toy without your help!

The brilliant people at the radio station  WPTZ are making this happen. For more information go to

I hope you enjoy your upcoming holidays!

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The Best Fieldtrip Ever

Mt PhiloBy Harper and Luke

This fall, Equinox House hiked Mt. Philo to meet new, friendly faces and for the third graders to make fourth grade friends.

When we got off the bus everyone was excited and ready to hike. We split into groups and started to climb up. The trail was rocky and narrow. Be careful. Don’t fall off the side.

When we finally got to the top some people were really excited. Some had never hiked it before. People could play Wall Ball. Some played football with a tennis ball. Others were really tired so they sat down and ate lunch. It was a sunny day. If you looked over the side, you could spot hawks.

After lunch we took a team photo and started to pack up. We all headed to the hot, tar road and started to walk to the bottom. Everyone was tired and sweaty and ready to go back to school. The boiling sun hovering over us made us even more tired!

We were still all happy and excited about the hike.

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Scientists in Kindergarten


by Madeleine, Lincoln and Georgia

We make scientific drawings. We outline in pencil and then we color. We label it, also.  We look at what we’re drawing very closely.

First, we watched a video about butterflies. When they come out of the chrysalis, their wings are wet and they have to dry. We thought they ate nectar with a tongue but it’s really a proboscis.

We looked at a big glass container. It has 2 chrysalises. The one on the top had a crack so it’s going to come out soon. Then it will be a monarch butterfly. We looked closely at the stuffed butterfly hanging from our ceiling. Then we did our scientific drawings.

We also looked at the inside and outside of apples. One was green and one was red. We looked closely with magnifying glasses. We saw seeds. The inside looked like a star. We also write about all of this on our Kid Blogs.

Today we went to the apple orchard!



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Dot Day at Allen Brook School

Sylvie 2by Sylvie and Lucia

We watched the video ‘The Dot” about the book “The Dot.” There’s a girl who can’t draw. Her teacher tells her to draw a mark. She makes a dot. The next day, she sees it hanging up in a frame and says, “I can make a better dot than that.”  She made a bunch of other dots. At the art show, her dots were a masterpiece.

In our class, we colored dots. We each colored in a circle. All the girls in class said,”Whoa!” when they saw mine because it was super cool. All of our dots are hanging up in our hallway.

At the end of the day, the whole school went to the gym. We all sat down and made a HUGE DOT! The grown-ups had to sit down, too!

Dot day was great!

human dot

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The Rules of Allen Brook School

Abby N school rulesby Abby

At Allen Brook School, we have the theme of bees. Our school rules are, Be Safe, Be kind and Be responsible. We have ‘buzzies’ and a honey jar for each classroom. The big jar, the beehive is shown here. It is in the office.

If the big jar is full of buzzies, we have a celebration. This month, we had a celebration of Dot Day.

The way to earn a buzzy is to be kind, safe or responsible. Any teacher will give you one or two if they see you follow the rules.

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A New Year

(Student Reporters in all Grade1-4 Houses asked classmates about starting a new year.)

The First Week of School

Emma A.  (Gr. 4) and Brianna A. Equinox House Reporters

The morning school started, we all had first day jitters. So, for all the new third graders, we say this to you. It’s really not that tough. The first days are always the most difficult for the brand new kids. What are the Houses? Well, the Houses are Equinox, Kaleidoscope and Mosaic. Those are the third and fourth grade Houses. If you’re wondering, it’s not all new teachers. You still have Mrs. T-H, and Mrs. Poirot and if you went to summer camp at WCS, you’ll see Liz (Ms. Demas) around. And you go to Tech classes with Mrs. Provost. Now, from this amazing school to you, have a fabulous school year!

What is the best thing about coming back to school?

Equinox students:

Emma (reporter) – the new kids

Brianna (reporter) meeting new friends

Brianna C. – I don’t stay after school this year

Mary – I get to do math again

Nolan – new people

Kyle – recess

Ethan – seeing old friends

Olivia – reading groups

Carmella – new class

Allison and Izzy Kaleidoscope House Reporters

Can you believe it? We’re back in school! How are you feeling? Well, here are some examples of what kids in Kaleidoscope think are the best things about being back.

Rylee – getting to see your friends

Tristan – having cafeteria breakfast

Ananya – making new friends

Nick – going to Art and Library

Katrina – singing in chorus

Diego – going to recess

Leslie – to make new friends

Luna – getting back into the routine

Gabe – getting to read different books.

Kerrigan Mosaic House Reporter

Bridget – getting to see my friends

Amelia – seeing the teachers

Ada – having the best teacher

Zoe – You get to meet new friends.

Megan – Reading

Joshua – Art

Allen Brook School

Montana – Harmony House Reporter

I went around to the classrooms in Harmony House and I asked the teachers and students, “What is your favorite thing about coming back to school?” My favorite thing is seeing all of my friends.

Rose – seeing friends again

Naomi – getting the same teacher again

Logan – Recess

Elizabeth – Art

Amelia – Snack

Marin – Writing

Jacob – seeing friends

Ms. McCormack – seeing the kids

Ms. Crowley – meeting all of the new kids.

Lily – Horizon House Reporter

Lily (reporter) – seeing my friends and teachers

Brian – seeing my friends and teachers

Bella – hanging out with my friends

Kinsley – playing with my friends

Mia – meeting new people

Aaron – I get to do math.

Parker – Synergy House Reporter

Parker (Reporter) – Meeting my new teacher

Kyle – going to P.E.

Kevin – seeing all my friends

Sam – building structures I did not get to build last year

Brayden –getting to learn again

Cadence – having fun with your friends

Baylee – reading new books

Alyssa – the fish

Chris – learning more

Welcome back to all!

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Starting the Day by Morgan

Explore Time

In first grade, we don’t have any toys. How do we play? Well, let me tell you. We have lots of books and lots of other things like gems, rods and dice. We also have toy clocks and scales.    Explore time lasts thirty minutes while the kids are coming in for the day.


Every day we sign-in by answering a question. On Monday, we answer, “How are you feeling?” We have black, green, blue and red markers. We write our answers on the white board. I might write happy or sometimes, and this is very rare, someone might write confused. I once made up a question. It was, “What is your favorite flower?”

Daily Math

We have math packets every morning. Every day, it is different math like 28 + 31 = ? or Matt has two dogs. One ran away. How many are left? I like word problems. Sometimes we have animal problems. We might have a chart to fill out.

This is what we do in the morning.

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