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Basketball Highlights

Reflection on the Season by Girls B Blue Player Danielle Urban

Team. More like family. At the end of November, Coach Jousen took 12 students under her wing. Different personalities, different ambitions, but they shared one dream, to play basketball. When someone got hurt, we didn’t have to look far for a helping hand. Practice after practice, we improved our skills. December 10th was our first basketball game. We tried our hardest, working as a team while still learning the gist of the game. Pass, dribble, basket. If only it was that easy. We lost,  but we still had a whole season ahead of us. Injuries and complications. When someone wasn’t there immediately someone would offer to play their position.  This season has presented many obstacles throughout the season,


The Boys B Gold Team after an exciting victory at the Boys CSSU Tournament Championship Game.

but we would always manage to move forward. At the CSSU tournament on January 31st , we had to go against the other Williston Girl’s  B team. It was difficult playing against our peers. The score was 19-18, a close game. Our team, the Williston Girls B blue won, earning 3rd place in the CSSU tournament. We had two more games ahead of us until the season is over. February 7th was our game against Hinesburg, with a few games of experience

under our belts, we knew what to expect. We won 12-22. It was a great game. Our final game was February 14th. We lost by 6 point. Win or lose, we are still a team. Realizing this was our last game and we would ever play as a team was devastating. But we all have a bright future with basketball. Win or lose, we are still a team.

Shannon Loiseau and Lauren Johnson Report on

the CSSU Tournament

On January 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, girls from Hinesburg, Shelburne, Charlotte, and Williston came together to play the game that they all love; basketball. Players came to Williston Central School to play in our CSSU tournament. Everyone laid their all on the court and played their best. Everyone, no matter if they won or not, played very well.

As girls in the CSSU tournament, we think it is fair to say that we worked very hard and did our best. The girls Blue B team played against Shelburne, Hinesburg and the other B team. They ended up coming in 3rd place. “My team has improved a lot.” Says Clara Schultz, 7th grade on the Blue Girls B team. “Coach Jueson helped us bond together and play our best”.

On the A team, we lost against Charlotte. In the end, the scoreboard didn’t really matter. Everyone played their best and did very well. “What threw us off was their diamond press in the game. Because we hadn’t learned that type of defense yet.” Coach Tom told us in an exclusive interview. He also said that the thing we most improved on was our ability to defend as a team.The A team then won against Hinesburg and ended up with 3rd place.

The other B team came in 4th place out of 5 teams. “Coach Lyons really helped us build our basketball skills. Especially our defense.” Says Abby Rosenthal, 7th grade on the Gold B Basketball team.

The tournament is a great way to meet other girls that are going to the C.V.U. high school with you. If you are playing basketball at C.V.U. then you might see the same people that were in the tournament. Also, you might recognize them in the halls at school. This CSSU tournament is an amazing event because you bond with your team, meet other girls, have fun, and improve on your basketball skills. Overall, our team was so close, coach Tom claims it’s from the funny nicknames we give each other, and upbeat energy we have even in the midst of the competition. By the end, our tongues were dragging and we were tired, but the experience was worth it.

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Williston Central School Dance Team!

 Sophie Roy

danceThe Williston central school dance team is a movin’ and groovin’ bunch of 5-8th graders ready to get their dancing shoes on. The dance team meets every Tuesday and Thursday right after school through the winter sports season. They get to learn a cool dance and perform it during the half time at basketball games. Dance team helps get the crowd up and ready to cheer for the basketball players. This year’s dance team started with 11 kids in the group! Now because of illness, injuries, academics, and lots of other reasons, now we only have 5 kids in the group. Thanks to Alia Russo, Sabrina Nardone, CJ Mcdevitt, Sofia Barton, and I.   We made dance team, still a fun and energetic group of young ladies. Also thanks to Kathy Williams and Katie Palmer for choreographing and teaching us the dances. One more person we need to thank is Lauren. She would come in after school sometimes and just help out as much as she could. Whether it was dance moves or just anything, she was right there. If there is anyone out there that loves to strike a pose and show off their spunky moves, dance team is right for you. But don’t forget, Boys can do it to.

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