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A New Year

(Student Reporters in all Grade1-4 Houses asked classmates about starting a new year.)

The First Week of School

Emma A.  (Gr. 4) and Brianna A. Equinox House Reporters

The morning school started, we all had first day jitters. So, for all the new third graders, we say this to you. It’s really not that tough. The first days are always the most difficult for the brand new kids. What are the Houses? Well, the Houses are Equinox, Kaleidoscope and Mosaic. Those are the third and fourth grade Houses. If you’re wondering, it’s not all new teachers. You still have Mrs. T-H, and Mrs. Poirot and if you went to summer camp at WCS, you’ll see Liz (Ms. Demas) around. And you go to Tech classes with Mrs. Provost. Now, from this amazing school to you, have a fabulous school year!

What is the best thing about coming back to school?

Equinox students:

Emma (reporter) – the new kids

Brianna (reporter) meeting new friends

Brianna C. – I don’t stay after school this year

Mary – I get to do math again

Nolan – new people

Kyle – recess

Ethan – seeing old friends

Olivia – reading groups

Carmella – new class

Allison and Izzy Kaleidoscope House Reporters

Can you believe it? We’re back in school! How are you feeling? Well, here are some examples of what kids in Kaleidoscope think are the best things about being back.

Rylee – getting to see your friends

Tristan – having cafeteria breakfast

Ananya – making new friends

Nick – going to Art and Library

Katrina – singing in chorus

Diego – going to recess

Leslie – to make new friends

Luna – getting back into the routine

Gabe – getting to read different books.

Kerrigan Mosaic House Reporter

Bridget – getting to see my friends

Amelia – seeing the teachers

Ada – having the best teacher

Zoe – You get to meet new friends.

Megan – Reading

Joshua – Art

Allen Brook School

Montana – Harmony House Reporter

I went around to the classrooms in Harmony House and I asked the teachers and students, “What is your favorite thing about coming back to school?” My favorite thing is seeing all of my friends.

Rose – seeing friends again

Naomi – getting the same teacher again

Logan – Recess

Elizabeth – Art

Amelia – Snack

Marin – Writing

Jacob – seeing friends

Ms. McCormack – seeing the kids

Ms. Crowley – meeting all of the new kids.

Lily – Horizon House Reporter

Lily (reporter) – seeing my friends and teachers

Brian – seeing my friends and teachers

Bella – hanging out with my friends

Kinsley – playing with my friends

Mia – meeting new people

Aaron – I get to do math.

Parker – Synergy House Reporter

Parker (Reporter) – Meeting my new teacher

Kyle – going to P.E.

Kevin – seeing all my friends

Sam – building structures I did not get to build last year

Brayden –getting to learn again

Cadence – having fun with your friends

Baylee – reading new books

Alyssa – the fish

Chris – learning more

Welcome back to all!

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Physical Education at Allen Brook School by Parker

???????????????????????????????(Ms. Porter helps Parker with his golf swing.)

There were some cool stations in gym during Gymnastics. Do you want to hear about them?
The Ropes
In the rope station there are two crocodiles named Gertrude and Harold. There is a blue mat which is the water. We pretend that the crocodiles are in the water. The ropes are hanging from the ceiling. There is a knot at the bottom and that’s where you can put your foot or bottom to swing. When you get on the rope there is a hoola hoop in front of you and you try to land in it. It is an ‘island’ in the water. The crocodiles can’t get you when you are on the island.
If any body part touches the ‘water’ the crocodiles automatically eat that part. So, you have to go to Dr. Fix-it. You tell him the body part that you need and he will fix it. Ms. Porter makes jokes like he’s out of arms so you have to swing on the rope with just one arm.
The scoop is an ice cream cone shape with a ball attached to a string. You hold the cone and you swing the ball and try to get it into the scoop. If you get it in, Ms. Porter might challenge you to get ten or more in a row.
Spring Board
You can have up to three jumps on the first try. There is a mat with an X on it. That is where you want to land. You want your feet to be glued to the spot where you land. That is called a ‘stuck landing.’
There is a target. The hole in the middle is the bull’s eye and it is worth ten points. Then there are holes worth five and the outside holes are worth two. To play you need a golf club. You get a grip and you want to make a ‘Y’ with your body (don’t put your hands up) and you try to keep the club on the ground. When you swing back, it  is called a ‘brush.’ When you put it forward it is called a ‘tick.’ That’s when you hit the golf ball. When you bring it back, it’s called ‘tock.’ You hope you hit the bull’s eye.
Chipping is a different stroke that golfers do. There is a target a foot away and it has a bull’s eye. Instead of facing you, the middle of it is facing the ceiling. The club is shaped upward. It’s a curve. There is a target on it and that’s where you hit the ball. You have to put a little bit of strength in it. You hope that it will hit the target.
The chipping, the putting, the spring board and the scoops were really fun. The ropes were my favorite because you got to swing and swinging is really exciting.

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Enrichment at Allen Brook School by Montana

???????????????????????????????Here at Allen Brook School we have really challenging work in a room called Enrichment. Some of the challenging work is meeting for math. The math is like 5 x 8 or 56 ÷ 4 or 7 + 73.
We have one teacher. Her name is Mrs. Poirot. She is a good teacher and she is really nice. Other children and I get together in a group every Tuesday. We bring home challenging homework and sometimes extra homework.
My name is Montana. I am in first grade and I like Enrichment so next year I would love to be back.

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Using Twitter in Mrs. McCormack’s Class Harmony House at Allen Brook School By Mrs. McCormack’s Class


First, we jot down our ideas to tweet on a special paper so we can all see the ideas. We write down ideas about what we did or what we learned in school We call these ideas “tweetable moments.” We also have a tweety bird that’s stuffed and a feather pen.

We vote on which idea we want to tweet. We tweet words, pictures, links to Voicethreads, and videos.

Mrs. McCormack writes the words on the computer and a student clicks to tweet. Then we all say “tweet, tweet” like birds. Then we look on the computer to see if someone tweeted us. We follow Ms. Davison, Ms. Powers, Ms. Rogers and a Kindergarten class in BC, Canada. Our parents follow us too, but we hope more people will follow us. You can follow us, too @McCormack Pals.

Finally, we would like to share that we like this because we get to communicate with other people anywhere in the world. Tweet, tweet!

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Harmony Enrichment Math Students Explain Their Thinking

Meet the Mathematicians

About Math Class

‘Private Think Time’

‘Listening to Understand.’

Explaining ‘How.’

Justifying Why

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Harmony House – Henry and Mudge at the Flynn Theatre

Harmony Reporters Jared, Lauren, Ellie and Hailey pose with pictures and writing about Henry and Mudge


By Jared, Ellie, Hailey and Lauren

      All students in Harmony House went to the Flynn to see the play Henry and Mudge. Henry and Mudge are characters in many stories by Cynthia Rylant. Henry is a young boy and Mudge is dog who likes crackers and popcorn, likes to drool and likes to sleep.

     We have been reading many Henry and Mudge stories in our classes. Hailey thought the play was funny and delightful to watch and it showed her how to be a better friend. Lauren thought they added a ton of feelings. Jared thought the acting was great and Ellie learned that you shouldn’t run away because you might get lost and your parents would be really scared and mad.

      There was lots of talking, singing and dancing. This story was about not getting mad when a friend is better at something than you are. In the beginning of the story Henry moved away from his good friend and cousin, Annie. He didn’t want to move. Annie mailed him notes and he put them together to make a sentence and found out that Annie was coming. That meant they had to clean!

      Annie is a better dog trainer than Henry. It seems like Mudge likes her more. Henry runs into the forest because he is mad and he doesn’t want Mudge to listen to Annie. He wants Mudge to listen to him. The whole point of getting Mudge was to have someone to play with since there were no children near where he lived.

     Mudge found Henry in the woods because he smelled Henry’s shoe that smelled like gopher and smelled treats had fallen out of his backpack.  

       Henry’s Mom told him that Annie had a rough time in the woods and that he should be nice to her. Her fancy ‘dry-cleaning’ dress with sequins got ruined when she was looking for Henry. She wanted to go home.

     In the end, Annie gave Henry a hug and she gave a hug to Mudge, too. Henry and Annie were best friends again.

     We felt excited to go to the Flynn and everyone clapped at the end.    

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Technology Brings the World into the Classroom

Sam Mathiowetz reads from Kuwait
                                     By Alexis Mathiowetz, Tarik Pasic, and Jake Bialowoz
    Alexis’s dad, Sam Mathiowetz, was the guest reader in Mrs. McCormack’s class. BUT, he is in Kuwait, all the way around the world. How did he do this? He used a special camera, read the book Clifford and His Pals and make a DVD for the class. We all watched it.
   Alexis was really surprised. “I was bouncing and clapping.” Tarik thought it was amazing that her Dad could talk to them from Kuwait. Jake thought it was cool because he doesn’t usually see soldiers.
    Last year, the class used technology to skype with author, David Martin. We could talk to him. He read a scroll to us. It had pictures of animals on it and they were asking which animal was making the noise. The class had lots of questions.
    What is a guest reader? We all try to guess who the reader will be. We ask questions like, “Is it a boy or a girl? Does s/he like to cook? paint? swim?
    Mrs. McCormack gives us clues such as, “S/he wears glasses.” We write guesses on our whiteboard and keep adding or taking away names. Some of our guest readers have been Mrs. Wentz, Mrs. Benoit and Ms. Blaine.
    When trying to guess we think who it might be. We wonder if s/he will be using technology to read to us or if the person will just come in and read!

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