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A New Year

(Student Reporters in all Grade1-4 Houses asked classmates about starting a new year.)

The First Week of School

Emma A.  (Gr. 4) and Brianna A. Equinox House Reporters

The morning school started, we all had first day jitters. So, for all the new third graders, we say this to you. It’s really not that tough. The first days are always the most difficult for the brand new kids. What are the Houses? Well, the Houses are Equinox, Kaleidoscope and Mosaic. Those are the third and fourth grade Houses. If you’re wondering, it’s not all new teachers. You still have Mrs. T-H, and Mrs. Poirot and if you went to summer camp at WCS, you’ll see Liz (Ms. Demas) around. And you go to Tech classes with Mrs. Provost. Now, from this amazing school to you, have a fabulous school year!

What is the best thing about coming back to school?

Equinox students:

Emma (reporter) – the new kids

Brianna (reporter) meeting new friends

Brianna C. – I don’t stay after school this year

Mary – I get to do math again

Nolan – new people

Kyle – recess

Ethan – seeing old friends

Olivia – reading groups

Carmella – new class

Allison and Izzy Kaleidoscope House Reporters

Can you believe it? We’re back in school! How are you feeling? Well, here are some examples of what kids in Kaleidoscope think are the best things about being back.

Rylee – getting to see your friends

Tristan – having cafeteria breakfast

Ananya – making new friends

Nick – going to Art and Library

Katrina – singing in chorus

Diego – going to recess

Leslie – to make new friends

Luna – getting back into the routine

Gabe – getting to read different books.

Kerrigan Mosaic House Reporter

Bridget – getting to see my friends

Amelia – seeing the teachers

Ada – having the best teacher

Zoe – You get to meet new friends.

Megan – Reading

Joshua – Art

Allen Brook School

Montana – Harmony House Reporter

I went around to the classrooms in Harmony House and I asked the teachers and students, “What is your favorite thing about coming back to school?” My favorite thing is seeing all of my friends.

Rose – seeing friends again

Naomi – getting the same teacher again

Logan – Recess

Elizabeth – Art

Amelia – Snack

Marin – Writing

Jacob – seeing friends

Ms. McCormack – seeing the kids

Ms. Crowley – meeting all of the new kids.

Lily – Horizon House Reporter

Lily (reporter) – seeing my friends and teachers

Brian – seeing my friends and teachers

Bella – hanging out with my friends

Kinsley – playing with my friends

Mia – meeting new people

Aaron – I get to do math.

Parker – Synergy House Reporter

Parker (Reporter) – Meeting my new teacher

Kyle – going to P.E.

Kevin – seeing all my friends

Sam – building structures I did not get to build last year

Brayden –getting to learn again

Cadence – having fun with your friends

Baylee – reading new books

Alyssa – the fish

Chris – learning more

Welcome back to all!

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Caine’s Arcade at ABS

adarsh prizes-12   Adarsh is shown by the prizes.






Mrs. Powers’ Class Takes On The Caines’ Arcade Cardboard Challenge

by Addison Urch, Olivia Paquette, Ava Medici and Grant Schroeder

    Have you ever heard of Caine’s Arcade? Well, let us tell you all about it. Caine is a nine year old boy. He made an arcade out of cardboard. Our class was inspired by him. We made our own arcade  that is mostly made out of cardboard and duct tape. Mrs. Powers’ class created a Caine’s Arcade at Allen Brook School. This was a fundraiser for the charity Imagination Foundation.

    We put together pieces of cardboard to make some of our favorite arcade games. We duct-taped spoons to clips so you could chuck a ball into a cup. We made a Desert Ramp Rabbit game. We made a rabbit out of a lego car and used clay to make it a rabbit. You tried to roll the rabbit down the ramp and into the hole.

    We also made ‘The Claw.’ We used a hook, tied it to string and used pipe cleaners with a number attached. You had to pick up the pipe cleaner. You’d pull it out and you could trade  in the numbers for prizes.

    We invited other classes in Horizon and asked them to play our games. Each game cost twenty-five cents. They loved it because it was really fun and they could earn prizes.

We raised over $200. We kept ten percent for our class and will donate $180.00! We will give it to Caine’s Scholarship fund for his college. It will matched and that money goes to The Imagination Foundation. This foundation supports children and encourages them to be young entrepreneurs.  We were proud that we could give money to the charity.

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Raising Money for the Committee on Temporary Shelter


By Madeline Bunting, Addison Hunter, Addison Urch, and Nina Zimakas


Horizon House students at ABS worked really hard to gather $551.00!

We raised money to buy things on a wish list for the Committee on Temporary Shelter. We wanted people to have a nice place to stay so they wouldn’t get cold and they could survive.

We did this so poor people could get things that they might need. Some of the things on C.O.T.S.’s wish list are pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, wash cloths, shampoo, diapers, pots and pans, and toothpaste.

We raised the money by having a bake sale and selling lots of yummy baked goods.  It costs 50 cents for one cupcake, cookie,  pretzel wand or another baked good. Parents and kids made baked goods at their house so they were homemade.

Things were for sale during lunch and recess on Friday, December 14th. Students and adults from all of the Houses at ABS and some people from outside of school  came to buy baked goods. A man came and wrote a check for $100 and said he wanted to be anonymous! Before that, we only had $451.00. The bake sale was amazing. It was fun and it was hard work. People who bought the baked goods were happy to support C.O.T.S.

On Wednesday, December 19th a woman named Nicole, from C.O.T.S., came to talk to Horizon students. She told us that everyone in C.O.T.S. shares the kitchen, the bathroom and just one computer. We gave her the things we bought with the money we raised.  We bought all of the things on the wish list and even more! She reacted like she was going to cry with joy! She was so happy.

We felt proud of ourselves for everything we did to help the people at C.O.T.S. but we are still sad that there are people who don’t have homes.

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Horizon House Learns About Community at Shelburne Farms

By Norah Munn, Sean Trifaro, Addie Hunter and Addison Urch

Horizon Students at Shelburne Farms

All of Horizon House went to Shelburne Farms to learn about fall, the forest and Mother Nature. We wondered why the forest is a community.

Now, we think it is a community because animals live there and it’s a habitat. We learned that animals help the earth. Earthworms make air holes and salamanders eat fungus and bugs.

Addie didn’t expect her Dad to find a snake and Sean didn’t expect a snake to crawl up his leg when he was sitting in the forest! Addison didn’t know they would be able to play in the forest and Norah was surprised that they were able to help make benches.

Each group had a guide. Norah’s group used wire brushes to take bark off of wood and then sandpaper to smooth the wood. Everyone got to make a bench by using three pieces of wood. One was flat and firm to sit on and 2 pieces were round and fat to hold it up. We took them apart when we were finished sitting.

Some groups learned that it takes many years to make soil with air, water, rock and minerals.

All groups learned that the forest helps us by giving us maple syrup, apples, plums, other food, firewood and paper. Trees also give us oxygen. The trees have different wood. Sapwood is on the outside closer to the bark. That’s easier to cut than the middle of the tree which is heartwood. The number of rings tells how many years it’s been alive. We searched for a tree up to our waist, one we could wrap two fingers around, two hands around, that we could hug, that two people could hug, three then four people and one that had fallen down.

We all learned a lot. Going to Shelburne Farms was awesome!

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Learning to be a Writer

In Mr. Bolger’s class students learn that creative writing is about noticing the things that are around you. They went for a walk to practice this skill. Enjoy the video and the poem the class created after their writers’ walk! Please leave a comment. Students are eager to hear what others think of their work.

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Creative Writing in Mr. Bolger’s Class

A  Clouds-Shaped-Like Unicorns Day

This morning we ran out the door and we went for a walk.

It was a warm-moist-air day, a sweet-pollen

apple-pie-for-no-reason day.

It was a rain-sprinkly, fresh-breezy day

a bunpy, scratchy, thorny-walk day.

An asphalt-like-a-drum, fall-in-the-ditch

muddy-pants, squishy-shoes day.

We felt happy and joyful and calm, excited warm, cold and dreamy.

A stomach-growly day.

Could you hear the windmill whirling or the crickets chirping

on our bird-singing, grass rustling, cars-whooshing,

leaves rattling, far-off-swings-creaking day?

Did you see the chickadee? And the circling hawk, the butterfly-fluttering?

It was a scary, crinkly-striped yellow-jackety

plane-in-the-sky day.

A clouds-shaped-like-unicorns day.

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