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A New Year

(Student Reporters in all Grade1-4 Houses asked classmates about starting a new year.)

The First Week of School

Emma A.  (Gr. 4) and Brianna A. Equinox House Reporters

The morning school started, we all had first day jitters. So, for all the new third graders, we say this to you. It’s really not that tough. The first days are always the most difficult for the brand new kids. What are the Houses? Well, the Houses are Equinox, Kaleidoscope and Mosaic. Those are the third and fourth grade Houses. If you’re wondering, it’s not all new teachers. You still have Mrs. T-H, and Mrs. Poirot and if you went to summer camp at WCS, you’ll see Liz (Ms. Demas) around. And you go to Tech classes with Mrs. Provost. Now, from this amazing school to you, have a fabulous school year!

What is the best thing about coming back to school?

Equinox students:

Emma (reporter) – the new kids

Brianna (reporter) meeting new friends

Brianna C. – I don’t stay after school this year

Mary – I get to do math again

Nolan – new people

Kyle – recess

Ethan – seeing old friends

Olivia – reading groups

Carmella – new class

Allison and Izzy Kaleidoscope House Reporters

Can you believe it? We’re back in school! How are you feeling? Well, here are some examples of what kids in Kaleidoscope think are the best things about being back.

Rylee – getting to see your friends

Tristan – having cafeteria breakfast

Ananya – making new friends

Nick – going to Art and Library

Katrina – singing in chorus

Diego – going to recess

Leslie – to make new friends

Luna – getting back into the routine

Gabe – getting to read different books.

Kerrigan Mosaic House Reporter

Bridget – getting to see my friends

Amelia – seeing the teachers

Ada – having the best teacher

Zoe – You get to meet new friends.

Megan – Reading

Joshua – Art

Allen Brook School

Montana – Harmony House Reporter

I went around to the classrooms in Harmony House and I asked the teachers and students, “What is your favorite thing about coming back to school?” My favorite thing is seeing all of my friends.

Rose – seeing friends again

Naomi – getting the same teacher again

Logan – Recess

Elizabeth – Art

Amelia – Snack

Marin – Writing

Jacob – seeing friends

Ms. McCormack – seeing the kids

Ms. Crowley – meeting all of the new kids.

Lily – Horizon House Reporter

Lily (reporter) – seeing my friends and teachers

Brian – seeing my friends and teachers

Bella – hanging out with my friends

Kinsley – playing with my friends

Mia – meeting new people

Aaron – I get to do math.

Parker – Synergy House Reporter

Parker (Reporter) – Meeting my new teacher

Kyle – going to P.E.

Kevin – seeing all my friends

Sam – building structures I did not get to build last year

Brayden –getting to learn again

Cadence – having fun with your friends

Baylee – reading new books

Alyssa – the fish

Chris – learning more

Welcome back to all!

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Continental Mathematics League Winners – Grades 3 and 4


The Grade Four First Place winner is Julia! Aidan and Rylee are two of the three winners tied for second place. Shown above with Mrs. Poirot.

???????????????????????????????Sunny also won a second place medal for Grade four.

First Matteo Meyer Second Erik Schneider

Shown left to right: CML Coordinator Mrs. Poirot, second place medal winner Erik Schneider and first place winner Matteo.

Congratulations to all of our medal winners and to over eighty other third and fourth graders who participated in the Continental Mathematics League this year.

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No More Technology

by Abigail Willis and Samantha Polley

Agree with us and you’ll live your life

living in a paradise

Abby and Sam both agree

there should be less technology.


    We recently read an article in Time for Kids called Beyond the Bubble. It was written Brenda Iasevoli. It states that  in 2014 students in forty eight states will be taking tests on tablets or computers. The tests are based on the Common Core Standards. There will be less multiple choice and more questions that require critical thinking.

       After reading this article, we started talking about how we should be able to play, use our imaginations, get fresh air and mostly, not rot our brains out. Every year we have a lot of testing. The new test will be harder without the multiple choice questions. There will be more real-world questions.

    How would all schools in forty-eight states be able to provide tablets or computers for all students to be tested on the Common Core Standards?

    That’s why we think we should keep the tests on paper with a pencil with less technology. We think other kids would agree with us.

April 3, 2013 at 6:35 pm 14 comments

Scientific and Artistic Drawings by Katherine and Morgan

Mr.Kellogg’s class has been working on the differences between artistic and scientific drawings.Heres a little bit of what we have learned.

This is what we learned about artistic drawings:

  • Can change detail
  • Sketch because it’s beautiful

This is what we learned about scientific drawings:

  • Draw what they see (don’t change)
  • Sketch related to work or research
  • Label work

Here are the similarities between artistic and scientific drawings:

Lots of detail:

  • Color
  • Use pencil first
  • Use tools (like rulers etc.)

We used all of these hints to help us work on artistic and scientific drawings.  Mr.Kellogg gave each table of students a material to experiment with and draw.

Here are some of the materials that we drew:

  • Money plant
  • Maize
  • Sunflower
  • Amaranth

If you want to see more of these beautiful drawings come to Kaleidoscope to see the rest of our class’s wonderful drawings.  If you are interested, you can try it at home. But come soon; they will be up for a couple of weeks.
We hope you enjoyed our article on artistic and scientific drawings.

Katherine and Morgan pose with their scientific and artistic drawings.

October 24, 2012 at 7:05 pm 10 comments

Keyboarding Camp

Mr. Kellogg’s class shows all of the letters of the keyboard!

Keyboarding Camp
by Taylor S. and Lauren P.

In keyboarding camp we used Type to Learn 4 to learn the keyboard.
We went down to the computer lab almost everyday. Most people started on lesson 1. After a couple of weeks, we played typing games. We colored in papers that had the keyboard on it. On the last day, we got this cool  bracelet  that had the home row keys on it. No one wanted to stop typing!

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Four Winds in Kaleidoscope


Max and Shane found this beetle which was studied by the class as it shed it’s skin.

Four Winds

Max Pasley and Shane Skiff

Mr. Kellogg’s class joined together with Ms. Mary Beth’s class.  For Four Winds we’re studying insects and life cycles. We saw a puppet show about metamorphosis.  It was funny, interesting and we learned a lot.  Then, our classes split up and did different activities. For instance, our class did life cycle puzzles and read a rebus (a story with pictures and words.) It was about an insect.

Next, our group went outside. When we reached our destination, we circled up and got cups with a magnifying glass on top and started our search for insects.  We put a sheet down and shook a plant to gather insects. We found a lot including a baby praying mantis, aphids and a beetle. We also found spiders. We identified the insects, sang a poem and let them go!

October 10, 2012 at 6:44 pm 13 comments

Summer Memories by Kendra

At the beginning of the year, students in Mrs. Hass’ class created their summer memories. First, we wrote ideas and then chose the one we wanted to draw.

Some of my ideas were: The Long Pony Day; The Four Day Horse Show; and Going to Maine. I chose The Long Pony Day because it was a very interesting day. We got up at 3:30 in the morning to trailer my pony to Woodstock because it takes four hours to get there. We warmed up my pony, Face. Then we had to work fast to get ready for my show. In the show he had to walk, trot, canter and jump with me on him! I had to steer him, get the correct lead, get the right diagonal and get him to get going. I did really well.

In my class, after everyone chose an idea, we drew a rough draft using pencil until it was just the way we wanted it. Then, everyone painted using water colors. It took a while for us to get finished because everyone was going at his/her own pace.

When we finished, we shared out our summer memories. It was very interesting to hear everyone’s favorite memory. It was all really fun and it was worth it to see how all the Summer Memories looked on the wall together.

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