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A New Year

(Student Reporters in all Grade1-4 Houses asked classmates about starting a new year.)

The First Week of School

Emma A.  (Gr. 4) and Brianna A. Equinox House Reporters

The morning school started, we all had first day jitters. So, for all the new third graders, we say this to you. It’s really not that tough. The first days are always the most difficult for the brand new kids. What are the Houses? Well, the Houses are Equinox, Kaleidoscope and Mosaic. Those are the third and fourth grade Houses. If you’re wondering, it’s not all new teachers. You still have Mrs. T-H, and Mrs. Poirot and if you went to summer camp at WCS, you’ll see Liz (Ms. Demas) around. And you go to Tech classes with Mrs. Provost. Now, from this amazing school to you, have a fabulous school year!

What is the best thing about coming back to school?

Equinox students:

Emma (reporter) – the new kids

Brianna (reporter) meeting new friends

Brianna C. – I don’t stay after school this year

Mary – I get to do math again

Nolan – new people

Kyle – recess

Ethan – seeing old friends

Olivia – reading groups

Carmella – new class

Allison and Izzy Kaleidoscope House Reporters

Can you believe it? We’re back in school! How are you feeling? Well, here are some examples of what kids in Kaleidoscope think are the best things about being back.

Rylee – getting to see your friends

Tristan – having cafeteria breakfast

Ananya – making new friends

Nick – going to Art and Library

Katrina – singing in chorus

Diego – going to recess

Leslie – to make new friends

Luna – getting back into the routine

Gabe – getting to read different books.

Kerrigan Mosaic House Reporter

Bridget – getting to see my friends

Amelia – seeing the teachers

Ada – having the best teacher

Zoe – You get to meet new friends.

Megan – Reading

Joshua – Art

Allen Brook School

Montana – Harmony House Reporter

I went around to the classrooms in Harmony House and I asked the teachers and students, “What is your favorite thing about coming back to school?” My favorite thing is seeing all of my friends.

Rose – seeing friends again

Naomi – getting the same teacher again

Logan – Recess

Elizabeth – Art

Amelia – Snack

Marin – Writing

Jacob – seeing friends

Ms. McCormack – seeing the kids

Ms. Crowley – meeting all of the new kids.

Lily – Horizon House Reporter

Lily (reporter) – seeing my friends and teachers

Brian – seeing my friends and teachers

Bella – hanging out with my friends

Kinsley – playing with my friends

Mia – meeting new people

Aaron – I get to do math.

Parker – Synergy House Reporter

Parker (Reporter) – Meeting my new teacher

Kyle – going to P.E.

Kevin – seeing all my friends

Sam – building structures I did not get to build last year

Brayden –getting to learn again

Cadence – having fun with your friends

Baylee – reading new books

Alyssa – the fish

Chris – learning more

Welcome back to all!

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Mosaic Passion Projects

By Taylor  and Jada

    Have you ever had something that you loved and wanted to learn more about it? Then you should do passion projects.

Every single student in Mosaic house does Passion projects.

    Passion means something you adore, like your dog, your favorite

singer, your favorite football team, or even pancakes. For our projects,  we usually have three, one hour and a half sessions to do all of the research.

   Then you have a week to start typing all of your notes, but it has to be complete sentences. After you’ve written up your notes you can design anything you want such as a cake, a Power Point if you like the computers, or a tri-fold if you like to be crafty. Also, you can make a board game, and you can even have some of your friends act in a play.  But the project has to be relevant to your passion.

    Once all projects were completed, we invited all of the parents and students from Mosaic to see all of the wonderful projects.


Jada’s Passion is Women’s Soccer

I made a tri-fold and put black hexagons on it to make  a huge soccer ball. I put facts on the black hexagons about the history of soccer. I love soccer!  If you like kicking around objects into goals then you will LOVE  soccer, too!  I would  love to be on a soccer team with my favorite player, Abby Wambach.

    Taylor’s Passion is Gymnastics  ???????????????????????????????          Taylor demonstrates a back bend to bridge pose.

The reason I choose gymnastics this year is because I love to be active and do flips, cartwheels and more. I just started lessons but I’ve been practicing at home and at an open gym where people can come and do gymnastics. I love to have lots of experiences with different types of equipment.

    My favorite gymnast is Gabby Douglas.

In Conclusion

If you are a student, maybe you can ask your teacher if you can do passion projects in your class.   TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS and show lots of people!  You can even do it with friends at your house.

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Continental Mathematics League Winners – Grades 3 and 4


The Grade Four First Place winner is Julia! Aidan and Rylee are two of the three winners tied for second place. Shown above with Mrs. Poirot.

???????????????????????????????Sunny also won a second place medal for Grade four.

First Matteo Meyer Second Erik Schneider

Shown left to right: CML Coordinator Mrs. Poirot, second place medal winner Erik Schneider and first place winner Matteo.

Congratulations to all of our medal winners and to over eighty other third and fourth graders who participated in the Continental Mathematics League this year.

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Hike for Hunger by Taylor D.

Hike For Hunger
by Taylor D.
Did you know that there are lots of kids in Vermont who don’t have enough to eat? On an October day, the Mosaic students went on a hike called Hike for Hunger.  The Hike for Hunger helps kids and families that are hungry.  Mosaic students all hiked at Catamount.  Catamount is a beautiful area. Visitors go to hike there. Did you know that the hike was about 3 miles long?
The money that Mosaic collects goes to Hunger Free Vermont.  Kids in Mosaic thought that it was fun. At first it was cold but as they got closer to the end,  it got warmer.  All the classes together raised $1,050.  Mosaic has been doing this for 15 years and always raises about $1,000. I felt happy to help kids and families that are hungry.

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Kid Blog by Nick and Jagger

Kid Blog
by Nick and Jagger

Kid Blog is an online site where you can look at other people’s posts.  The whole class has an account. Our teacher, Mr. Kellogg, sent us an email with the link to Kid Blog. You can read other people’s posts and comment on them. Every student has his/her own blog.
The post tells when the person wrote it, who’s the author and the title. People commented on my post on head lice. This makes me feel that I  accomplished something.
We blog about poems and nonfiction or fiction stories.
Sometimes we research information for our blog. For one project, Nick and I researched about lice.
We might do research with books, interviews with people or with the internet.
I love getting comments from other people. And I love giving comments, too.

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Cardboard Challenge by Amelia Worth and Aria Hilliker

Photo right: Mosaic student, Colin enjoys playing one of the games at the Cardboard Challenge.

Have you heard about the Cardboard Challenge? The Cardboard Challenge is an activity where the third and fourth graders made an arcade out of cardboard! They got into groups or worked alone to make games. They couldn’t use electronics. It was hard but fun!

Everyone had to bring in supplies for their game. It took three weeks to build it; the first week they watched a video and planned their game. The second week they started building and they worked on it during recess ad lunch. The third and last week they finished it and brought it down to the dining room and in the afternoon, they played the games.

They showed so much creativity and the games were amazing.

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Mosaic visits the State House

The Mosaic Team on the steps of the State House

Mosaic Visits the State House
Leah Lambrecht, Maggie Gannon, Kelani Rotax, Madison Reagan, and Camille Menard

Did you know that there are fossils on the floor in the State House? This shows that there was once an ancient ocean in Vermont. There are lots of rooms and there were huge paintings of past Governors. One of the best paintings was of a battle. It was ten feet high and twenty feet long. There was a statue of Abraham Lincoln’s head.Outside of the State House there is a real cannon. The state motto is, “Freedom and Unity.”
The first State House was rebuilt because it was too small. The second one was made of wood  and it burned down. The third state house or the one you see now was the first to have a gilded dome. If you  look at the top of the dome you will see a statue of Agriculture.
We also went to the Vermont History Museum and saw really fascinating things like  a long house. A long house is a building that Native Americans lived in which could hold up to 4 families. They  had one storage pit for each family. We also saw animal hides which we could touch. We were allowed to do a scavenger hunt in the museum and write our names in a code. We ate lunch in the cafeteria along with people who worked for the state.
And that was our trip to the State House!


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