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Physical Education in the Schools

Logan Cody

Is there a perfect class in school, and what would make it so awesome? The perfect class would teach students to take care of themselves, so that they would be in shape and feel happy.  A perfect class would also allow and encourage kids to practice doing the things they need to do to maintain good health.  School is sometimes tiring and boring for active kids, and they need to have time each day to exercise and socialize.  Physical education class does this for kids, but it is also a class that is optional at different grade levels.  There are three main reasons why physical education should be mandatory in school including fun, fitness, and overall health.

Having fun is important to students because if they do not have a good time, they will lose interest in school.  First of all, students may think that gym is a place to run and might be fearful of getting hurt.  For example, a kid may not be a very good runner, and he or she might be afraid of having a hard rubber ball hit his or her face during a game of dodge ball.  In contrast, one of the games that kids like is colony ball, a form of kick ball using a foam ball, where there is little chance of anyone getting hurt while playing.  Another favorite is basketball medic where people throw foam balls.  The goal of this game is to have the most players standing at the end.  When kids are having fun during the games, they don’t realize they are learning new skills like throwing, communicating, and teamwork. Sacrificing is one way to have good teamwork by getting “out” and saving the medic on the team in basketball medic.  Finally, through playing games in gym and having fun, kids develop friendships with others in their class and keep their interest in school.

Students who are having fun in gym can also work on overall fitness.  Kids like to stay trim because they are self-conscious about their looks, and they like to feel noticed.  Sometimes kids who are not noticed as much as more slender students are not as happy because they don’t get any positive attention.  Instead they receive negative attention from other kids who pick on them.  Obesity appears more common in the unfit students, and if they want to improve their weight and social situation, they can take gym.  Attending gym class will help the more portly students build endurance, strength, and speed as they lose unwanted fat.  Any activities students have to do during gym would be helpful.

In addition to having fun and working on overall fitness, attending gym class can also improve a person’s overall health.  One important factor is the immune system.  A healthy immune system fights diseases and common viruses that can make someone very ill and miss school.  Daily fitness helps a person’s immune system stay strong in addition to washing hands and eating healthy foods.  This leads to better focus in school as healthy students do not feel so tired and sick that they cannot do their work.  With better focus and productivity, kids will learn more and do their best work in school.  This will cause good self-esteem for the kids because they are staying healthy, doing good work, and feeling good about themselves.

In conclusion, physical education should be mandatory in school because it is fun and keeps kids entertained, provides a time for them to work on overall fitness, and improves overall health.  Never be a lazy couch potato.  Gym class will teach life lessons and skills in maintaining health and well-being.  I still have two more years of middle school, yet I look forward to gym class because it is a special time for me to see my friends and work on sports skills.  It makes school more fun for everyone.

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Gymnastics by Charlotte and Jessica

Have you ever balanced on a balance beam? Now WCS is having gymnastics classes about tripods, balance, roundoffs, cartwheels, and more soon to come.
In gym class, we keep trying, and hopefully succeed. Some kids are really good at gymnastics because they take gymnastics after school, but some people have a little trouble. You are about to learn about what we do in gymnastics, what the feeling is, what the equipment is and how we use it.

     When you walk into the gym and see mats all over the floor, you know you are going to have a fun time, with bad times, and good times. Sometimes you can feel scared or nervous. If you can’t do something, you know you will just try harder to succeed.

     You first run around the gym two times. That gets most of your energy out and focuses you on what you are going to do next. You do gymnastics for a long time. You can tell what you are going to do that day by the equipment that is laid out.

    We have many things we use in gymnastics called equipment. One  is called a mat. We use the mats for stretching. Another thing that we use in gymnastics is called the rings. We use the rings  by putting our hands on the two rings and hanging upside down. We also have a balance beam, horizontal bar, and parallel bars. We have ropes that are hanging from the ceiling, and we grab a hold of the rope, run, jump, and then hopefully land in one of the hula hoops. If not, we go over to the “body parts bag” if something touches outside of the hula hoop, crocodiles live outside of the hula hoops. If you land in the hula hoop that is across from you, that is the spot where no crocodiles can get you. The equipment is VERY fun, and exciting.

     There are so many things that we learn and do in gymnastics. A lot of the movements that we practice are on the mats. You do forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, tripods, and most of all, the pike, tuck, and layouts. We do LOTS of fun stuff. The mats are one of the coolest station.
We have had SO much fun using all the gymnastic equipment and learning so many things from the gym teachers who helped us learn all the things we learned and to allow us to use some of the equipment.

We would like to thank Mrs. McClintock, Mrs. Oaks, and Mrs. Kolash for teaching us all the amazing gymnastic moves. We hope you enjoy our videos showing some of the gymnastics equipment and moves.

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Physical Education at Allen Brook School by Parker

???????????????????????????????(Ms. Porter helps Parker with his golf swing.)

There were some cool stations in gym during Gymnastics. Do you want to hear about them?
The Ropes
In the rope station there are two crocodiles named Gertrude and Harold. There is a blue mat which is the water. We pretend that the crocodiles are in the water. The ropes are hanging from the ceiling. There is a knot at the bottom and that’s where you can put your foot or bottom to swing. When you get on the rope there is a hoola hoop in front of you and you try to land in it. It is an ‘island’ in the water. The crocodiles can’t get you when you are on the island.
If any body part touches the ‘water’ the crocodiles automatically eat that part. So, you have to go to Dr. Fix-it. You tell him the body part that you need and he will fix it. Ms. Porter makes jokes like he’s out of arms so you have to swing on the rope with just one arm.
The scoop is an ice cream cone shape with a ball attached to a string. You hold the cone and you swing the ball and try to get it into the scoop. If you get it in, Ms. Porter might challenge you to get ten or more in a row.
Spring Board
You can have up to three jumps on the first try. There is a mat with an X on it. That is where you want to land. You want your feet to be glued to the spot where you land. That is called a ‘stuck landing.’
There is a target. The hole in the middle is the bull’s eye and it is worth ten points. Then there are holes worth five and the outside holes are worth two. To play you need a golf club. You get a grip and you want to make a ‘Y’ with your body (don’t put your hands up) and you try to keep the club on the ground. When you swing back, it  is called a ‘brush.’ When you put it forward it is called a ‘tick.’ That’s when you hit the golf ball. When you bring it back, it’s called ‘tock.’ You hope you hit the bull’s eye.
Chipping is a different stroke that golfers do. There is a target a foot away and it has a bull’s eye. Instead of facing you, the middle of it is facing the ceiling. The club is shaped upward. It’s a curve. There is a target on it and that’s where you hit the ball. You have to put a little bit of strength in it. You hope that it will hit the target.
The chipping, the putting, the spring board and the scoops were really fun. The ropes were my favorite because you got to swing and swinging is really exciting.

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The Scribe

The Enrichment Program is proud to present the 21st  issue of  The Scribe, A Literary Journal. This year’s Scribe features the creative writing and art work of over 230 students in grades K-8.

Click here to enjoy the “best of the best”.


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Enrichment Garden Science Class

A group of 5th and 6th graders from across the school has been working with Andrew the Gardener, Mrs. Gigliotti and Mrs. Milks to understand our school garden, management of this and all gardens,  and how the vegetation around the garden has developed over time.  As part of the class, students completed research for and produced the following blog entries.  Service was also a major component of the course and the students participated in service sessions in which they put the school gardens to bed, turned, spread and stacked the compost, and assisted 3rd and 4th grade art classes in a soap making project.

Plants vs. Weeds    

Angela Tarracciano, Shayla Lawrence, and Nick Petrunich       




A plant is something that you plant!                 Some plants that you would find in the garden here at school are mint, broccoli, kale, and Brussel sprouts. Weeds are plants that naturally grow on their own.  Some weeds you would find in our garden is dandelion and grass.



The WCS Medicinal Plant Bed

Sierra Polley

The following plants can be found in our WCS Garden medicinal plant bed.  Please see the table for potential uses.

Information taken from: Bremness, Lesley. Herbs. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 2002. Print.


Medicinal Uses



Stimulates the body’s defenses against disease.  It is antibiotic, antiviral and restores inflamed connective tissue, treats fevers and may reduce allergies.



Stimulate digestion and reduce flatulence.  Helps get rid of colds and can relieve headaches and other pain.  If you inhale the essential oil, you can treat nausea.



The volatile oils in sage kill bacteria, making the herb useful for all types of bacterial infections.




The seeds can be used to treat coughs and kidney inflammation.  The root is a laxative and treats stomach pain.

Wild Strawberry


Used to relieve kidney and liver issues.  Can be made into juice that may relieve fevers.  Soothes sunburn and lightens freckles.  Makes a common herbal tea and can be used as an oily skin tone


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Enrichment Garden Class Participates in Science-Art Collaboration

Having Fun AND Learning at The Same Time!

Danielle Urban & Shannon Loiseau

Equinox house third and fourth grade students worked with Andrew (The gardener), Ms. Baker, Ms. Amanda from Equinox, Ms. Milks, and the Garden Class student helpers  to use their math, science, art and team work skills to make a soap. They made a variety of different soaps using herbs, plants and oils.

One recipe that they developed contained yarrow, birch, lavender, ylang ylang, a bit of oatmeal, a drop of sage and a Shea butter soap base. Another recipe included birch, clove, wintergreen, oatmeal and an olive oil base. Although the classes developed different recipes, they were similar.

Some of the ingredients the students had to choose from were:

Herbs Oils
Birch- Pain Relief
Yarrow- Skin astringent (cleanser)
Calendula- Skin astringent (cleanser)
Oatmeal- Skin calming
Rose Buds- Relieves stress
Mint- Energizing
Lavender- Calming scent
Anise Hyssop- Scent
Beet Root- Pink Color
Ailonet- Red/Brown Color
Clover- Comfort and Pain Relief
Rosemary- Awakening
Eucalyptus- Cleansing
Patchouli- Relaxing
Ylang Ylang – Relaxing
Vetiver- Grounding
Wintergreen- Awakening

The students could choose one oil and a variety of different herbs and plants. If you want to make soap we would recommend to pick plants, herbs and oils that go well with each other.

We hope you have fun making your sensational soap!  Soap you later!

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