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Dot Day at Allen Brook School

Sylvie 2by Sylvie and Lucia

We watched the video ‘The Dot” about the book “The Dot.” There’s a girl who can’t draw. Her teacher tells her to draw a mark. She makes a dot. The next day, she sees it hanging up in a frame and says, “I can make a better dot than that.”  She made a bunch of other dots. At the art show, her dots were a masterpiece.

In our class, we colored dots. We each colored in a circle. All the girls in class said,”Whoa!” when they saw mine because it was super cool. All of our dots are hanging up in our hallway.

At the end of the day, the whole school went to the gym. We all sat down and made a HUGE DOT! The grown-ups had to sit down, too!

Dot day was great!

human dot

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The Rules of Allen Brook School

Abby N school rulesby Abby

At Allen Brook School, we have the theme of bees. Our school rules are, Be Safe, Be kind and Be responsible. We have ‘buzzies’ and a honey jar for each classroom. The big jar, the beehive is shown here. It is in the office.

If the big jar is full of buzzies, we have a celebration. This month, we had a celebration of Dot Day.

The way to earn a buzzy is to be kind, safe or responsible. Any teacher will give you one or two if they see you follow the rules.

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Let’s Celebrate



We had a police dog come to Allen Brook School. It was outstanding.

We had filled our whole school ‘buzzy jar.’ Each time it’s filled we come together for a celebration. We have filled it six times. Every time, Mr. Terko and Mrs. Tatlock come around in bee costumes. We’ve had lots of celebrations. We have watched the preschoolers doing a dance, wearing monkey costumes. It was really cute. We’ve had Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Most of us had mint chocolate chip! Once, Mr. Terko played the drums and Mr. Bolger played the guitar and sang. They were really good.

One time we all did the ‘honey bee.’ This is a fun dance that we learned from a video. It’s easy to catch on to this dance. All of the celebrations were in the gym.

Last month was when we had the police dog and police men come to school. They explained what police dogs do. They save the police men and women when they are in trouble and when a child is lost they sniff them down. They follow robbers’ footprints to where they are hiding.

Just April vacation we had filled the buzzy jar again! For our seventh celebration, we had teachers from Thailand come for a special presentation. They danced, showed us some Thailand fighting and yoga. They also had an instrument from Thailand. It like a flute but it’s wooden and it only has one open hole for your finger.  The sound was very pretty. The Thailand performance was amazing.

I hope our next buzzy celebration is as exciting as the others have been.

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Continental Mathematics League Winners – Grades 3 and 4


The Grade Four First Place winner is Julia! Aidan and Rylee are two of the three winners tied for second place. Shown above with Mrs. Poirot.

???????????????????????????????Sunny also won a second place medal for Grade four.

First Matteo Meyer Second Erik Schneider

Shown left to right: CML Coordinator Mrs. Poirot, second place medal winner Erik Schneider and first place winner Matteo.

Congratulations to all of our medal winners and to over eighty other third and fourth graders who participated in the Continental Mathematics League this year.

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Perspectives on the Penguin Plunge

Ben TownleyWilliston Central School Penguin Plunge Team

Have you ever thought about jumping into an ice cold lake in the winter?  27 students and parents from our school jumped into frozen Lake Champlain on February 2, 2013.  We raised $10,221 for Special Olympics Vermont and also raised $600 for our Unified Sports Programs (Bocce and Snowshoeing.) There were new plungers and many who returned from prior years to take the plunge.

My first time doing the Penguin Plunge was in 2011 on my 13th birthday.  I had a great time turning into an icicle!  The first year I wore a black mullet wig into the lake because I thought it would keep my ears warm. After plunging, I asked my Mom this really weird question, “Can I do this every single day?”  Mom said, “No, but you can plunge again next year.”  I’ve plunged every year since then and hope to for many more years.

Now try to imagine what jumping into a frozen lake would feel like!  It takes about 10 seconds from the Staging tent to getting into the lake. When I went under I felt like I just suffered a non-electrical stun right through my body!  I could walk, but I felt like my legs were made out of cement!  It takes a little longer getting back to the changing tent, which is heated.  For the last 3 years, I was the 3rd to last person out.  I love the feeling of the ice cold water!!

I’m hoping more WCS staff and students will consider joining the Williston Central School Plunge Team next year!!  Congratulations to this year’s Williston Central School Plunge team!! Great job!!

Meghan Eustace

Brutal wind, freezing weather, ice everywhere, snow. This sounds like the Arctic right? Well actually, it’s the Burlington Waterfront in the beginning of February. Imagine running in the 30 degree water during the winter.  Sounds crazy, right? Well about 1,000 people or more decided it would be a fun idea to run into the water, me being one of them. I was a part of the Williston Central School Penguin Plunge team. We raised money for our Unified Sports team. This experience is one I am sure not to forget.  I only went into the water a little above my knees, but it still was the coldest I have ever been. Right when you run into the water you cannot feel your body, it’s very very cold. No matter how cold the water was, I still had a really great time. The experience is breathtaking; it’s a rush of nerves and excitement. Most people have no problem running right in, and even dive into the ice water; I was a little different going in. I hesitated at first, and then ran in! Remember, think again when you you don’t go into a cold pool, because trust me, there is colder water you could be swimming in!

penguin plunge

Maggie Warren

Every year in February in Burlington, more than 1,000 people jump into Lake Champlain to raise money for the Special Olympics.  I am proud to say that I am one of them.  The Penguin Plunge is basically a lot people jumping into freezing water trying to raise money for the Special Olympics.  This past Penguin Plunge was my third year doing it and I can’t wait to do it again next year!  The day of the Penguin Plunge is crazy; everybody who signed up is there plus watchers, friends and family, so the place is packed.  You have to wait about two hours before actually going in the water.  First, you go to the sign-in tent where you  sign in and get your free hat and gift bag, there’s also hot chocolate and bagels. Then you go to the changing tent where you get into whatever you are wearing into the water.  After that, you and your group walk (or run) to the staging tent where you wait for your number to be called.  The staging tent is really small and it has a lot of excited and anxious people in it, so it feels like the tent is shaking.  Everybody is really excited and nervous to go out because you are about to jump into frozen water!  It takes a lot of courage to do the Penguin Plunge and everybody gets nervous. “At this point I don’t want to do it anymore.”  said team member Cassidy right before jumping in!  After that it is pretty much how everyone explains it: wet and really cold.   Then you are running out you grab a towel and heading in the direction everyone else is going – back to the changing tent. Unfortunately,  most of the people on the WCS team are boys, so on my first year I found myself in the boys changing tent! I have learned my lesson and luckily that has never happened since then. The Penguin Plunge is a great way to raise money for the Special Olympics and have a really fun time!  I can’t wait until next year!

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Red Ribbon Week

Maddie Huber

This week in Williston Central School students wore sunglasses, dressed mismatched, and sported the school colors for an engaging way to spread awareness about the danger of drugs. Red Ribbon Week isn’t just an event that happens at WCS, it’s all over the world. Enrique Camarena was an agent for the Drug Enforcement Administration in Mexico.  He was tortured and killed in 1985. Camarena was in Mexico investigating a drug cartel when he was shoved into a car. A month later his body was found dead. To show support, friends and family wore red satin badges. Angry civilians started to form leagues fighting against the use of drugs and Enrique Camarena’s image was used by these groups.

Every day, if you dressed up, during lunch time you could receive a ribbon. Each day, prizes were raffled off with gift certificates to Plato’s Closet, Ramunto’s Pizza, and other fun places! Friday was probably the most important day to dress up because it was Red Day.  At lunch, students receive a red ribbon to honor this honorable man for whom fun week was created.

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A Sterling House Tradition

Jordan Van Wilde

On Thursday, August 30, 2012  Sterling house went on a hike. Where did they go? Sterling Pond. Sterling goes every year. On the way up many people’s legs hurt because the hike is very steep. Although their legs hurt it was worth it because the view was so beautiful. We ate lunch up there and then we went down. Everyone was so happy to be down again but some kids were disappointed that we had to go back to school. I interviewed  some kids in Sterling House, here’s what they said,

1] How is the view at Sterling Pond?
Ethan said really cool. Lucas said that he saw cool things like plants. Liam said, “I like the rocks there.”  Martha said, “It is a good view.”

2] Is the hike too long?
Ethan said, “It’s too long.”  Lucas said, It’s too short.”  Both Liam and Martha said that it’s not too long.

3] Do you think we should go every year? All four said yes!

4] Do you think the hike is worth it? All four said yes!

The Sterling House tradition of hiking to Sterling Pond at the beginning of the year is great!

October 16, 2012 at 6:32 pm 13 comments

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