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November 2011

The SCoop

The Scoop is a periodic publication published by the WCS Student Council. It contains information and updates on the work of the WCS Student Council.  The Scoop can be found in several places including the school website (under Curriculum,  Enrichment, Student Council) and also on The Blue and Gold (see sidebar on website front page).

Student Council currently has three main goals they are focusing on for this school year.

The individual goals, actions and plans are outlined below.

Items in BLUE are things YOU can DO (or have already done)!

Goal 1: Increase Student Voice in School Procedures and Policies
What Student Council is doing to achieve this goal…

  • Feedback boxes are stocked with forms and a copy of The Scoop will be posted at each box.  Please read and share your thoughts and ideas using the website, feedback boxes or talk with a SC Representative.
  • On-line surveys will be coming as we are seeking student input on school issues.  Watch for them and be sure to complete them – it’s your voice!  Please provide your input on how we should “Cellebrate” (see
  • Kiva meetings and other methods of communicating will take place soon.  Please be respectful listeners and contribute to the conversation appropriately.
  • Students need to be informed and Student Council is doing it’s part by utilizing bulletin boards, the school website, The Blue and Gold** and The SCoop.  These are all excellent sources for school  information.  Read them regularly and be in-the-know!
  • In order for Student Council to actively address school issues, students are asked to complete and turn in feedback forms and surveys.

**The Blue and Gold is an ongoing news blog at

Goal 2: Provide Service to our Larger Williston Community
What Student Council is doing to achieve this goal…

  • Money raised from first dance ($400) will be used to support the Student Council  Holiday Family.  The holiday family is a family in need in our community that Student Council will shop for (wish list provided) during the holidays. Student Council likes to participate in this activity because not only does it give back to our larger Vermont community but it also supports one of our local families.  You helped by attending the dance and buying food and drinks! THANKS!
  • At the October Dance, Student Council collected four large boxes of food for the Williston Food Shelf.  THANKS for being so thoughtful and generous!
  • Student Council will be putting together a Thanksgiving Basket for a local family.  This activity is similar to the holiday family except that the basket is full of food items specifically for Thanksgiving. Please watch for announcements in the event that we need donations.
  • Later in the school year, Student Council will participate in the Big Change Roundup. The money raised with this fundraiser specifically goes to the Vermont Children’s Hospital. Please save your change in anticipation of this event!  Student Council may also participate in other local fundraisers but they have not yet been determined.
  • Do you have a suggestion for how we can give back to our community?… Submit your idea(s) using the website, feedback boxes or talk with a SC Representative.

Goal 3: Build School Community
What Student Council is doing to achieve this goal…

  • Student Council sponsored the first school dance and successfully raised money for our Holiday family and food for the Williston Food Shelf.  Way to Go WCS Student Body!
  • Student Council has been asked to assist the school with the new PBiS program.  The school administration has asked us to come up with “Cell”ebration ideas.  Students can submit their “Cell”ebration ideas using the website, feedback boxes and the idea sheet posted at the brain display.  Student can also talk with a SC Representative.  Here is the link to the “Cell”ebration idea spot on the school website (see spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEd1U0REU1lBOTBrV1VSOXhoN1hISlE6MQ)
  • Student Council is planning a theme week with school-wide culminating event. Watch for more information.   Let your “Wildcat” Out – Show your school spirit!

Thanks for supporting  your Student Council !

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